Sunday, March 26, 2006

Unlikely Weather

Yesterday I was suffering from the triple sow-cow of depression: post show crash + hangover + crappy English weather. Astonishingly enough, even though it's been sunny lately, the temperature has been freezing, but then it turned warm...and rainy. Most of my flatmates left for Ireland, so it's been the Lisas, Alison and I. We decided to have ice-cream and "The Village" to celebrate not being cool enough to be invited to Ireland and also to distract me from the show being over. Until I remembered that Tommy Gnosis is also in "The Village" and he has a line "They are wicked towns full of wicked people" and I'm sorry, Mr. Shamalyan, but I burst out laughing, completely ruining the tension of the scene. I was not alone in my mirth, however, because when the creatures appeared later, Alision had to say: "If you behave, I may let you shave my back" and suddenly this movie was a lot less scary than it had been. But then again, if you get a roomful of girls watching movies in their pjs and eating ice-cream, what do you expect?

Friday's show went really well. It was a theatre crowd, who were less responsive than Wednesday, but they were more receptive to the dramatic elements of the show. Seeing it out front as opposed to listening to it from the back was nerve-wracking! But exciting. My professor, John, was there, and he had positive things to say about it. I was really grateful he could come and see my work--and give me feedback. The company is already talking about taking the show on the road. Nice thing about living in London--you can do a week of shows and never leave Zone 1. I have about a dozen things I want to work on in rehearsals. Here's a chance you almost never get: getting to see a show, hear the feedback, and then work it some more so that it becomes more polished. I mean, we spent all this money on the wig--might as well, right?

After the show everyone went to the local tavern where we sat around drinking and rehashing the show. I had a great time--there was a DJ there, so I even got to dance (nickilovesdancing) which was great until some guy came up and Tommy Specked me without so much as a handshake. I pushed him away, and when he tried to apologise he BURNED ME WITH HIS CIGARETTE. Even that wasn't enough to get him to leave me alone--luckily I was surrounded by my beautiful girlfriends who managed to get between us. Honestly. It's hard being this hot.

Then this morning I slept for twelve hours--well, thirteen if you count the time change--and I was awoken by a frantic pounding at my door. I stumbled out of bed, threw open the door and there, leaning the doorframe, wide-eyed, hair askew, lit ciggy in one hand stood Roger. My muse. I looked at him blearily and he said, "Come on! We've got writing to do!" and I said, "Whoa, hang on, you've been gone for the past four weeks, and now you just show up and expect me to write?" and he said, "Me? What about you? You've been spending all your time with that stupid show--" and we got into a huge shouting match right there in the hallway about who abandonded who. Luckily we both managed to realise how selfish we'd been and make up, and we went to a coffee shop for a couple of hours. I sat there and typed while he whispered stage directions into my ear. It's so nice to be back together again.

Now, though, I'm back in my room. Roger's gone off again, and I'm busy sending out emails and thinking about the things we need to do to tour Hedwig. I think I might actually cook dinner tonight, seeing as how I have enough time--went shopping yesterday (nothing like shopping with a hangover! in the rain!!! whose idea was this?!?) and I kept putting fresh fruit and veg in my cart, saying with delight: "aha! Now I will have time to cook, instead of having to throw away all the food I bought because I've been so busy!"

Also, I had to sign up for a MySpace account so I could check out the Goldsmith's Musical Society one. It's at Check it out--I stole the song "Just Like the Movies" from our musical director, Matt Winkworth and put it up because it's an amazing song and I can't get it out of my head. And meet Haribo--click on the dog biscuits and then click them up in the air and he'll jump for them. I finally got a puppy! Woohoo!

(edit!! One of the members of the Angry Inch just posted a little clip from our show on the myspace site. See it at


Chris said...

Smile. I'm glad the show went well and I hope you guys get to take it on the road that totally rocks!! Enjoyn the free time to cook.

Sarah said...

Tommy specked you? I'm afraid I don't know the British lingo. But glad to hear the show went well and I hope if you get to take it on tour it's successful. I also have a myspace account.

Nicki said...

I've decided "tommy specked" means when some guy comes up and shoves his pelvis into your back. Haven't they figured out this is NOT the way to get the girl? honestly...

Thanks for being myfriend! :)

Laura said...

I'm worried about that puppy getting too many treats! At least he's active because he won't eat them if you hold them down low. He really wants to jump for them.