Monday, March 13, 2006

into the ether

I'm very sad to think that Hedwig is going to be over in a week and a half. It crept up on us all suddenly, so we find ourselves in the last haul. I have meetings all afternoon tomorrow up until rehearsal, and I volunteered to sew Hedwig's (pink!) satin robe for the beginning of "Wig in a Box." Lest you think I am a picture of housewife domesticity, I did most of it while Lisa and I watched "Boogie Nights." Am debating taking it to school tomorrow to wow my classmates with my sewing skills again. It's been so much fun working on a show again. I was thinking about doing one this summer--drama in this school is a right pain in the a££, but as long as produciton values are low, you can get away with anything. I'm just thinking how all of the people I have come to know and befriend through the experience are going to melt away in the ether again, and scheming about how to keep working together. There's nothing like a show to for making friends.

"Don't worry, it'll happen. It always does."
"How?! How does it always happen?!"
"I don't know, it's a mystery."
--Shakespeare in Love

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