Sunday, March 12, 2006

Suddenly routine...

Lest you think I spend all my time pondering weighty political issues, after I posted that I went out shopping with my roommate Lisa. I had a tax refund to spend, and a need for undergarments without cartoons on them. We did Oxford Street, which is the heart of Consumer-Land. After awhile it became kind of a running joke: look at this bag of consumer goods which I have just purchased! Oh, this bag of consumer goods is becoming heavy! (In my defence, I did not buy nine handbags, like some lady who was in the Guardian last week) I found a new pair of jeans, a new top and some unmentionables...I nearly bought a pair with some cherries on them until Lisa SLAPPED them out of my hand and reminded me I wasn't looking for cartoons, remember? Anywho, while we were walking down the street--or should I say, being carried along in the human flood of people--I suddenly spotted a fruit vendor and bought a small sack of dates to munch on whilst we walked. And I was struck by how this seemed perfectly normal. That now I know what a date is, that I think it is a delicious treat, and that I am able to buy them on the street, whearas a year ago they were weird expensive things in the supermarket. Look at me, I'm a city girl. Pffft. :)

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