Friday, March 03, 2006


I am very upbeat--strike that, INCREDIBLY NATURALLY HIGH!!! right now because tonight was the first rehearsal with the band. And it was amazing!!! I was a little concerned with Angus' singing, since he's not primarily a musical theatre person (as opposed to Emma (Yitzhak) who IS and can outsing him on the backing vocals without even trying!!) but once we had him in front of a mike all my fears were allayed. It was incredible to get into a room of musicians who were rocking out on the songs--the energy level was through the roof. Myself and Holly (another "producer") were sort of treated to a private concert, and we applauded and cheered throughout the rehearsal. It was pretty rough--this was the first time the band had seen any of the music, and I don't think we got any of the song ends right--but the intent was there. Now if we can just get Angus off book... Another thing that made me happy: Afterward some of the band and I went out for a pint (British bonding) and they told me that they were enjoying themselves and the liked the music, which was thrilling. So often in theatre you get musicians who are doing it for the money, or who are bored with the same old shows, so having a group of people who respond to the music not only as musicians, but emotionally is great. I want this show to be fun. If it's not fun--what's the point? Too often we get into that tech week slog where everyone looks at one another and goes "why are we doing this again?" At first I was afraid that because this show was so unsupported in the college and finding rehearsal space was so difficult that it would be impossible to take it seriously. But now I've learned to go along with the bumps--I'm not so uptight about starting on time, for example (ok, bad example)--and now I find myself with an incredibly dedicated core of people who are all committed and having a blast. YES!! This is what theatre is supposed to be about!! Hedwig lends itself to this "guerilla rehearsal" process very well. I can't wait for opening night. I only wish I could get up onstage myself!!!

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