Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's a shame you went and destroyed the door

I told you it was, just kidding, of course this is me practising Yitzhak's makeup. Yitzhak is played by a woman, so he really needs to have a beard...this is why I do makeup trials, because now I know that I need to make everything darker--I wasn't thinking, yesterday when I was getting my hair cut to save some of the darker pieces. Oh well. I'll just magic marker some of the hair I bought...

I'm not putting a real picture of myself up today because I am scrubby. Sarah-Hed and I spent six hours yesterday sewing on costumes. Thank GOD we had a sewing machine, because otherwise we'd be there still. I think my favourite piece is a corset that I made out of gaff tape. Sarah-Hed wanted a corset, but we had no budget for it...but we had a budget for three rolls of tape. tada! Now all we need is a string to hold it together and it's a fabulous, cheaply made costume. How perfect.

I can't believe that this is the last week of the semester. I feel like I've been working harder than I ever have before--after I finish this I have to do my homework for musical class--and then next week when we don't have classes I'm going to see Assassins so I can write my essay. I have all the research and reading ready to go, I just need to write the damn thing.

Also, do you-all remember me ranting about a play called "My Name is Rachel Corrie" about an American girl in Palestine? I really liked the play, which was going to be transferred to New York this spring. But now the theatre that is putting it on has "postponed it indefinitely" which means, basically, they cancelled it because they were afraid of offending people--Rachel has a very pro-Palestine stance, but she differentiates between the Israeli governement and the Jewish people. The theatre which was due to put it on released a statement saying they had made the decision after conferring with several community and Jewish groups. Which brings up an interesting argument: here in Britain this play was government-subsidised (there is an organisation here called ArtsCouncil which gives out grants to theatres and theatre companies so they can put on work. This means theatres here aren't wholly reliant on box-office takes. so you can do things that are more challenging. The National Theatre, for example, is 70% subsidised.) and in America, where theatres are SO reliant on appeal of plays, they can legitimately say that this show will not be performed simply because it won't sell. Even if there are larger political motivators at work.

Anyway, of course the theatre community is up in alls--and there is a call for short plays dealing with the censorship and freedom of speech issues surrounding this play. So I'm trying to think of something I could bring to a conversation. I feel I have kind of a unique angle on this, since I have seen the play in England as an America, interviewed the "author" and written a thesis on it.

--ooh, that reminds me, I finally got my essay back. B! Go me!

Right. Back to Hedwig. Next up: styling THE WIG.


Sarah said...

The make-up design looks good! Travis didn't even recognize you.

Laura said...

You look hot! I love the corset-made-from-adhesive-concept. Sounds like it would be great for "I'm All Sewn Up!" I'm picturing it with big Frankenstein stitches in it - but I don't even know if that's what number it's for.

Greta said...

I showed the makeup to my friend and she seriously thought you were a man...way to go!! And you NEED to post a pic of the tape