Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Unholy Historical Triumveate of Obsessive Interest

"Assassination Vacation" by Sarah Vowell is the one of the reasons why I'm so interested in history. It is an amazingly funny yet in-depth look at three of America's assassins, Booth, Guiteau, and Czolgosz. It is the reason I can spell "Czolgosz" without looking it up. But, last summer I took the hardcover book back to the store because I needed the money. Now, yay, it is available in paperback, so I treated myself to a new copy. I'm looking forward to reading it again and rediscovering what makes our country so damn great. I bought it when I was in the library, working on my essay topic (at last). This may not seem so incongruous, since you'll remember that I am writing about Sondheim's "Assassins," another corner of the unholy triumverate. The third reason is Edwin Booth who is (despite being dead) absolutely fascinating. Edwin understands why I cheated on him with Nelson. We're good now.

Anywho. Class this morning was cancelled, only I forgot until I got to school. Hence me working on my project in the liberry. This afternoon we workshopped a final piece from my classmate Andrew E., which was interesting. I have to admit, when we only got 12 pages I was wondering "what are we going to talk about?!" But it turns out we had plenty--the themes and images that we pulled from his piece were innumerable. I hope it helped. I'm a little worried now, looking at my piece that it's too fluffy and/or autobiographical. but then, aren't they all? Rehearsals for Hedwig and I'm back home. I can't believe it's only nine o'clock. I feel like I've been up for three days. See, this is what happens when I get out of bed before noon.


Peter said...

Guess what sis, I have several questions for you: If a dog bites his tail in the future, when does he feel it? If a square is happy and a rectangle is sad, what is a circle? These are questions I pose(?) you and you may ponder over them. Ask other people if you must, but above all else, don't say I never made you think. I'll be writing to you soon with the answers. Later, pip pop and cheerio.

Greta said...

I was at a musical theatre competition recently, and a guy sang 'The Ballad of Czolgsoz' and I thought of you!! (the guy ended up winning the competition, by the by).