Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The quiet time of night

I know what you're thinking: Darling, if you're so tired, why not just go to bed? Because I've always found writing to be relaxing. After I get done typing this up I'm going to write in my journal. The muse hasn't been banging down my door lately, so creative works have dried up (temporarily) but I can always write about myself.

Today we had a rehearsal in an incredibly small room. I'm nervous we haven't really run anything in time yet, but then again, if there's one show that would benefit MORE from less tech, it's Hedwig. I have faith. Mel, the person who designed/is running the projections, has been coming, so that's the only major tech thing. Because we couldn't get a door for Hedwig to listen to Tommy through, we're having him "webcasting" and putting my computer up onstage. Just because I like to make Angus nervous about slamming the lid down. (obviously--it still works. Macs RULE.) After rehearsal I went over to the producer's house for a cup of tea which was great. Just detoxing in a domestic environment. I wish we had a living room here. I really miss being able to slouch down on the sofa and watch CSI Miami. Then I had to come home and restyle the wig because it got shaken loose--better now than tomorrow night, Angus--and this time the styling only took me 40 minutes and one Lisa. I seem to recall a certain lecture: "If you lose your wig onstage, there's no recovery..." I have been doing an incredible amount of work for this show, but for some reason I'm not bitter about it. It just seems to fall naturally to me. Goldsmiths does not do practical shows--if you are a performance or design major, you will not be in a show/have a design realised unless you set it up yourself. Which is weird. And the Musical Society was started by a composition major! So to have a full-blooded theatre person come in and say, "right, we're running that costume change again" has been a bit startling, I dare say. :) But I really cut my teeth as a stage manager for Ken Risch for "the Elephant Man" and watching him has influenced me to this day. He was the same way--just doing things when they needed to get done, like ordering props or putting his foot down about the designs. I am trying to do my best, but sometimes I feel like I'm getting distracted from the show. Right now, when the cast needs me most, I am inundated with distractions like programs, front of house, etc, and all I want to do is order actors around. So tonight I have everything set: Wig, styled. Makeup, ready to go. Props, bagged. And I'm going to go to bed! Before midnight...I have to be upbeat tomorrow, so I can transfer my energy to the stage. That's another thing I've learned from working shows: just being there can influence how a show can go. So tomorrow my focus is on the production. I have to let the details go, because there are more important things to worry about right now.

Like, have the tomatoes I bought going to be too big?

See, practical questions...


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Did I say bussom?

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