Thursday, March 09, 2006

Musicals Run My Life

I was not updating my blog to protest people who don't update their blogs (and therefore suck) but then I realised no one knew it because I hadn't blogged it...and since I wasn't updating I therefore sucked. *sigh*

Having internet in my room I can now finally get the track names for the CDs that I've put into my computer, so today I made a discovery: I was listening to a certain show which has one of the best love songs I've ever heard. Who knew John Adams could be so passionate? I had listened to it before going "who IS this guy? I know this voice!" And today I found out who it was. Imagine my suprise when I realised--well, no, I won't tell you, but I will put a picture up. Prizes if you can guess who this is (and no fair Googling):

Not a lot to report really...I haven't missed much by not blogging...I went and saw "Capote" yesterday. Philip Seymour Hoffman deserved every inch of that Oscar. It rained today, but the rose bush in the quad is in bloom, making me think of John Cameron Mitchell in "Secret Garden" singing "winter's on the wing, here's a fine spring morn..." I think that show was largely responsible for my attitude about England. I was expecing crocuses and majick and fountains of roses...then of course when I got here I adjusted my attitude to include cement and rubbish. I mean, it's just a show, right? But then...yesterday...when I was out walking I saw "clusters of crocus...purple and gold." Can it be long before there are "blankets of pansies, up from the cold...lilies and iris, safe from chill...?" I'm going to go buy myself a bucket of pink roses and scatter them around my room. I need more flowers in my life. The Secret Garden IS such a spring musical...and I guess it's that time of year to get it out and start listening to it. It's only March! But...spring, I say!

I'm also frantically putting my website together so that you can all read my works and things. Hopefully it will be ready to go before Hedwig opens. Then I'm really not going to know what to do with myself.


Chris said...

Is it Christopher Walkin ( random crazy guess)???

Laura said...

Forgive me for not updating (and therefore...sucking) I've had a lot to process getting back from the Gulf Coast to SMACK! right in the middle of the Academy Awards. But it's not as though we haven't been in communicae (I don't know what that means, but I like using it.) One thing I absolutely loved about being in London was the flowers blooming in early March. I saw daffodils in Mississippi! If I had Secret Garden I would listen to it -- and be depressed that it's supposed to snow this weekend!

Christopher Walken IS a trained musical theatre actor. "You know Donald, I used to be a dancer."

Nicki said...

You're right, Laura, Christopher Walken IS a trained musical theatre dancer, but that's not him. :)

Samantha said...

He doesn't really look like Data without his white makeup. Who would have know a former android could be so passionate through music? You go Brent Spiner!