Tuesday, February 28, 2006

But a love can be misplaced

I felt really stupid in class today. We had a guest speaker who hit us with all of these pieces of theatre criticism, in class, and so, being exposed to them for the first time, I felt like I had nothing to contribute. Luckily, he gave us a huge stack of things to read, so now I can catch up, but I really did feel stupid sitting there. I cast back over my education and though, "where would I have missed this?" Obviously, I have been exposed to a wide variety of theory, but just not the things we were handed today. So, through no fault of anybody's, I feel really dumb. Getting through high school, where I was told I was inferior because I couldn't do algebra (but who cares?! really?! when you get right down to it?!) I have overcompensated by going out and getting myself ridiculously overeducated. I'll be the first to admit it. And I'm going to be even MORE educated, because I'm determined to first plow through this stack of essays and then read the books they're from. It'll be my Lent thingy--
I shall give up ignorance. (but not my love of the dramatic) :)

It was sunny and snowing today, and I slept until noon because I was having sweet dreams. The door to the main building is too narrow: Why do they have two doors and only let us use one so there is a constant traffic jam? And why does that annoy me so much? Why am I so unsettled today? I'm glad that we had a music rehearsal tonight so I could sit there and read instead of transferring angst to the actors. After rehearsal I went and visited the Lisas who were very nice and let me vent my spleen at them for a bit and then we watched a TV show, Little Britain. It's a comedy series with a bunch of short sketches lampooning British people, and it's pretty funny. My favourite line was, "but you said you don't like dark chocolate, you said it was too bitter and lacked the oral ecstasy of its milky counterpart." Why can't I write like that? So I'm calm, cool and collected now. Checking email at midnight after a hot shower, yay. Tomorrow, more museum therapy, this time the Tate Modern. Apparently John thinks my project resembles expressionist paintings, so I'm going to go look at some tomorrow and hope it inspires me.

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