Sunday, February 05, 2006


That's the noise I make whenever I see exciting historical things, but I am now having to apply it in a completely new context BECAUSE, last night I went to see a show with my friend Arndis and her husband whose name I can't pronounce and something Very Exciting Happened, which I will now render for you as a script:

(scene: Nicki, Arndis & Arndis' husband are sitting sipping pre-show drinks.)
Arndis: Isn't that Ian McKellan?
Nicki: (turning to look) Oh my God. (her heart rate shoots up to seven thousand) that IS Ian McKellan. (beat) I must go talk to him.
Arndis. Yeah, right.
Nicki: No, really! Oh my God. Oh my God. Are you going to back me up?
Arndis: No.
(Nicki stands up and shakily makes her way over to where Ian McKellan is standing with his boyfriend)
Nicki: Excuse me, Mr. McKellan?
Ian McKellan: (smiling politely) Yes?
Nicki: (trying desperately not to sound like some a££holey fangirl) I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your performance in "Aladdin"--
Ian McKellan: --Ah, thank you--
Nicki: --and I can't wait to see you on the stage again.
Ian McKellan: (being super-polite) Ah, thank you very much.
(Nicki runs away, her legs barely able to hold her up and collapses next to Arndis where she takes a huge sip of beer)
Nicki: Oh my God.

AHHH!!!!!!!!!! I actually saw/talked to/touched Ian McKellan! Ahhhhh!!!! He was so nice too, you could tell that he was used to people harassing him, and I was determined not to ask him for his autograph or anything like that, but, damn! He looks, I can safely report, exactly like himself, only older. And when he smiled at me, his eyes did that twinkly Gandalf thing we all love so very much. I am so happy! Wheee! The only thing I regret was that I was wearing my horrible jeans and my "Republicans for Voldemort" T-shirt which, alas, was covered up by my manky old scarf. Arndis pointed out that even had I been dressed nicely, I wouldn't have gotten very far, to which I retorted, "I don't want to sleep with him, I want to impress him!" Since, someday in the future when we're working together I want to be able to say, "remember when I made a moron out of myself at the Barbican?" and he would say, "ah, yes, you had that fabulous skirt on." Still happy! And--the show was really top notch as well...I'll have to review it later though because I am too busy floating on air. :)


Chris said...

Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THat has got to be about the coolest thing I have heard in ages. I am
soooo fucking jealous. Wow that must have been so fucking cool.

Greta said...

OMG, that is awesome!!!!!!! Jealous!!! Wow....and all my friends say wow too, i read them the script :)

Laura said...


Laura said...

WHo is his boyfriend? Are he and Sean Mathais still together? NOt that I have any clue what Sean Mathais looks like, but according to that thing you sent me in the mail he directed Aladdin. (And Bent a number of years ago). AAAAHHH!

Sarah said...

*grinning from ear to ear* I'm extremly excited for you! Not to mention a bit star struck just imagining what you experienced.