Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Once on my Computer

The exciting thing about this post is that I am writing it from my own computer. Today I went down to Tottenham Court Road (you know, where Cats took place) and bought a wireless USB thingy. So now I can surf wherever there's a wireless signal. Right now I'm hanging out in Lisa's room, shamelessly pirating a signal that's been floating around.

I haven't been doing much this week except catching up on sleep and working on Hedwig rehearsals. I've been working this week with Angus, who is playing Hedwig and who, thank God, takes direction incredibly well, which makes my job a lot easier. He's also a stand up comedian, so he's comfortable with crowds and hecklers.

I have been reading a lot, making sure to keep busy learning new things. I have a portfolio due on the 23rd, and I emailed a rough first draft of my final project to my prof. So with no direct pressure to write I've been finding other ways to keep busy. Last night, for example, the Lisas and I went out for dinner. I'm going to sue the restaurant though--they didn't give us a candle because we were three beautiful intelligent women instead of some snoggy couple. Blech. I went to see a show tonight--a new musical called "The Ballad of Elizabeht Sulkymouth" which was very good. The music was incredible, even if the story was a little weird. I'm also reading a biography of Napoleon, then next up is a history of India and then a biography of George Washington (the only Founding Father I don't want to string up by his ankles.)

And the big exciting news is that I booked tickets to Athens, as in Greece, for the end of April. Lisa and I are going to visit Lisa, who will be visiting home while we're there. I'm so excited to see all the ancient Greek theatres, read Plato on the beach and eating lots of Greek food. Mmm.

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Send me a postcard! And thanks for the early BD wishes