Friday, February 03, 2006

It Pays to Geek

I just got an email from the curator at the National Maritime Museum who reported: "Apparently, Nelson said to his fellow officer's, 'put my amputated arm into the hammock of the man who died along side me.'" Whether or not that actually happened...we don't know. I suspect it probably went overboard with all the other limbs: I just read a book about a ship's surgeon preparing a barrel to recieve all the severed and amputated limbs that resulted from battle. Kind of makes you realise how much damage a cannonball can do. Ah, well, thank God that's one mystery solved.


Laura said...

Hey remember in The Patriot when that guy gets decapitated with a cannon ball. Yeah. Heath Ledger is in that movie. He's also in The Order which SUCKS. (you couldn't hear it but I sang the word sucks in a high pitched voice.)

Samantha said...

Hey Laura...remember that time you were obsessed looking up gangrene victims of the civil war for makeup class?