Thursday, February 02, 2006

Exciting historical documents

It snowed today...a thin desperate snow that struggled downward and then promptly melted from exhaustion as soon as it hit the pavement, but it's the first snow I've seen all year. Better get the sled out of storage.

Yesterday I went to the National Maritime Museum again. They had a little talk (very little, it was me, another man and the curator) about some letters written by Lady Frances Nelson to her husband and another man, as well as a draft of a letter from Nelson to Frances-five letters en toto. They are all over two hundred years old and it was absolutely incredible to see something that someone as famous (or infamous) that Nelson actually held. Especially since they covered the period where Nelson and Frances' marriage was falling apart--Frances kept asking what she had done wrong, and Nelson's letter was an attempt to tell her to leave him alone. And THEN, bwaaaaah, the curator actually let me hold the exciting historical document and read it. (or attempt to read it, anyway--at this point Nelson had lost his right arm, and his handwriting was kind of horrible) But it was very, very cool. very cool. very. I tried not to geek out too much, but I think the curator was amused when I asked her if anyone knew what had happened to Nelson's arm. (she said she'd try to find out for me.)

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