Thursday, April 24, 2008


I am constantly amazed by the flora and fauna here. The azaleas are insane. The dogwoods are staggering. The wisteria is unbelievable. The magnolia tree outside my house is threatening to burst into bloom any day now and when it does--I imagine I'll be shaken out of my bed from the force of the blossoms opening. The flowers are brilliant.

But with the warmer weather has come a plethora of bugs. Some of them I have met (and killed), some of them are still waiting to introduce themselves. The other day I was sitting at the table after finishing breakfast when a tiny spider ran across my plate and I could barely muster enough interest to say "hey now" before he ran away. Then today I was biking to the library and I was trying to tuck my jeans into my sock to prevent them from getting oil on them. And I noticed a small Caterpillar hurriedly making his way across the road.

But he, er, didn't quite make it.

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