Tuesday, April 01, 2008

can't stay, war to wage

The good thing about walking to work this morning is that there are baby sheeps on my route to work. Brand-new baby sheeps prompting much "awwing" by me and a big ol' city girl gush once I got to work. I was temporarily shut down when the other women (women who have had more experience with farm animals than simply walking by them) started talking about how lambs will poop on you if you carry them for too long, prompting me to wonder if that ever happened during the filming of "Brokeback Mountain."

Then I spent five hours putting a new collar and cuffs with ruffles on a shirt. I have read the phrase "linen fine enough to read through" in books before, but I thought it was a poetic licence. That was before I hemmed and gathered four feet of it for ruffles. For a man's shirt, btw.

The bad think about walking to work is that when it rains...you still have to walk. The sun is out now, but who knows how long that will last? I have to go to the store and buy some ant traps because over the last couple of days I have been invaded by dozens of ants. Thousands of dozens, actually. I tried moving my cereal, only to have them follow it across the room. Granted, that's only about ten feet or so, but STILL. The only way to stop them from making off with my Frosted Flakes was to put the box in my fridge. And then I had to chain my fridge to the floor to stop them from walking away with it.


Anonymous said...

you can get rid of ants by putting out some corn meal for them to eat. they eat it and die because they can't digest it. try it. uncle d

Samantha said...

I wonder how hard it is to get lamb poo out of silk satin breeches.

Hmmm...lamb chops....