Friday, April 18, 2008

Ant Traps Do Not Work On Roaches

I was frolicking last night, gamboling around my tiny house, getting ready to take a shower, when I nudged the empty pizza box that was sitting on the floor, awaiting disposal--and OMG a cockroach fell out.

Now, I am not the type of girl to climb on furniture at the sight of a bug, but when you're not expecting it and you're, uh, in flagrante, the sudden appearance of a giant, man-eating, radioactive insect will naturally inspire some shrieking. I managed to trap the little bugger under my bowl and threw him outside, then quickly discarded my garbage. Recycling be dammed.

It occurs to me that this story is not the best to tell, since it reflects badly on my housekeeping skills, but I haven't done much lately, okay? Okay.

Anyway, bought some roach spray today, so we'll see if that works. If not, I'm getting a carnivorous cat.

I took some pictures this morning--I got up at the crack of seven so I could take some lovely photos of the sunlight plunging beautifully through the spring maples, and now Blogger won't let me post them. Damme. Oh well. I'll try another time--I even got one of the sheeps which have sparked so much interest. They are not any bigger, but they're getting fatter, which means one thing. Mmm. Lambchops.

I am very excited because tomorrow the Williamsburg UMC is having their choral concert. I thought it was going to be a simpler affair, but when I arrived at rehearsl this morning there was a full orchestra waiting for us. A half-dozen violinists, some cellists, a trio each of trumpets and trombones and three percussionsists scattered among xylophone, tympani, crash cymbals and snare drums. And when we ripped into the first movement of The Chichester Psalms, the centerpiece of the concert, I thought "OH. Now I understand what Bernstein was getting at." I'm so excited for the concert tomorrow. If anyone is going to be around--it starts at four at the WUMC. Delicious cookies to follow!

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Laura said...

I know what you mean. I'm at war with a bunch of ants that seem determine to eat my entire bloc building starting with the sinks, bath tub and Bella's food. After a week fo posioning them we finally struck a deal which is stay out of the sinks and bath tub and Bella's bowl and you can eat any stray peice of catfood outside of her bowl. Until I find you and put you in the garbage.

I can't believe you said lambchops. Gross!