Saturday, April 12, 2008

And other things of note

Y'all realise you've just given me carte blanche to talk even more about me, me, me. As if I needed the encouragement to become a narcissistic Godzilla.

*sings* Me, me, meeeeee!

I recall reading somewhere that doctors have noticed a trend that there are more girls being born than boys. It should be around fifty-fifty, but someone, somewhere noticed that there are more little girls running around then boys. And I'm happy that my family is upholding this statistical anomaly: my cousin Jen just welcomed a little girl last week. Mom thought her name might be Jocelyn, Joselin? but since dad was the one who got the phone call, he was sketchy on details. Congratulations, well done, I'm so happy that everyone is doing well. Yay, babies.

No word yet on Baby Gaboda, but, in other news: I'm not pregnant. Ya heard it here first.

Reasons why I like working here. A few weeks ago I was walking home and I saw George Washington riding past on his horse, and then this week I noticed his uniform hanging on the rack. A quick check of the label showed it wasn't Washington's uniform, but the Marquis de Lafayette, and he apparently hadn't bothered to turn it in in awhile since I spent all morning patching and darning the lining. Which is hard: the uniform is wool backed with lining, so I had to sew invisibly on very shiny fabric while trying to not act like an idiot that I had a lapful of history. Part of me was going "aaaahhhh, the historical, stabbed myself..." and part of me was going "aw, this smells like horse. This makes me think of my friend from London who used to ride horses. Aw." The next day was less fun, when I ALSO had to patch up his vest, which was also wool and lining. Arg.

Wool in the summer, btw, makes me think of the Founding Fathers like: Visionaries. Revolutionaries. Masochists.

Lafayette (which is also on the list of potential dog-names, if anyone was wondering) was Washington's protege and he was French. After the Revolution here he went back to France and tried to introduce some ideas of liberty over there. And we all know how well THAT went over.

I'm in a super-good mood today because the weeeeather (*singsong*) is deLIGHTful!!! It is warmmm and the flowers are blooooming...and we have bumblebees here the size of canned hams... Okay, they're not that big, but one was banging on my screen the other night and I nearly leapt out of my skin thinking JESUS ITS A LION. Big enough to stop traffic, anyway.

Now I am off to babysit. I met a woman at orientation with two small girls, and when she mentioned that she was having trouble finding responsible people to babysit, I mentioned that I used to babysit for my professor in college...sure, it's been awhile, but, eh, just like riding a bike, right? Right?

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What if you never learned to ride a bike?