Thursday, October 05, 2006

Right, no more complaining

This week I arranged a trip for one of my bosses to go to New York City for the tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center. The company I work for owns the Rockefeller Center, and they're responsible for getting the tree in and lighting it up at the end of November. Naturally, my boss is also going to be doing some business while she's in New York, but it was funny to see how excited she got when she was describing this tree. "We get it in from Pennsylvania, and they have to shut down 5th Avenue--in the middle of the night, they shut it down, so we can get our tree into the city."

So, no more complaining. I'm still having angst about working for a huge multinational corporation, but, she said with a rueful grin, obviously not enough to quit. Right now, I want to stay in London, and there are only two ways of doing that: getting a work permit or going back to school. Not sure if I'm ready to tackle the PhD yet, so I need to get a job so I can apply for a permit. I have been having very non-PC thoughts lately, thinking about all the EU citizens who can come here and work without having to worry about being kicked out when I, holder of two degrees and numerous valuable work skills, can not. Of course, if there's one thing England has plenty of, it's impoverished theatre people. I've also been reading dispatches from our friend Laura, who is working in Mississippi helping victims of Hurricane Katrina and providing my life with some perspective.

Today was the perfect autumn day. The smell of browning leaves managed to overcome the exhaust and chippy fumes for once, making me think of Massachusettes. There's no colours here, just brown, but the smell is enough to make me think of driving through the middle of Wisconsin, heading back to school.

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