Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ask it a question

Magic Stephen Sondheim 8 Ball says, "when you know what you want, then you go and you find it and you get it." I spent the week recovering from being poisoned, so all my schemes sort of ground to a halt this week. Then today I was very domestic, cleaning the house and going to the grocery store, which is a HUGE hassle. Ugh. The store near here is just too small for people to manoevre around, and I nearly knocked a guy over with my backpack, which I had on it's wheels. Then when he stopped to glare at me, I was thinking, "Don't you glare at me, the only reason I pushed past you was because you were SMOKING in my FACE." Drrr.

I love being middle class tho, it is fun. Friday after work I went to Marks and Spencer and purchased new slacks for work, then went to see "Rock and Roll" by Tom Stoppard. Hm, be those snickers of fringe-theatre going friends? Well, when you shop at M&S and work as a secretary, what choice DO you have but to grace the West-End with your presence? Yes, kids, it's official, I have become one of the ladies who lunch. The show, before you say anything else, was brilliant. Really. Just quality, amazing, so good, brilliant, classic Tom Stoppard good. It was basically a discussion about what will bring down socialist governments: intellectual, official protests, or young people being subversive merely by listening to different music. Points for anyone who guesses which side won. Rufus Sewell, who played a Czech intellectual was astonishing. I mean, I knew he was good, but I was astounded at HOW good he was. Damn. I am more determined than ever to have him play Napoleon in my Nelson movie...just as soon as I write it.

Then Saturday I had a date, but I saw that as no reason why I should waste a perfectly beautiful fall day, so I ended up dragging the gentleman in question to the Hunterian Museum, which is full of medical and anatomical models of historical goodness. I thought it was ded interesting. Unfortunately I did not find the gentleman in question quite so interesting, so we parted as friends. I spent the evening watching "Amadeus" with Alison. Then today I was domestic. I finally submitted to pressure and put up my postcards and pictures, despite my earlier determination not to, and instantly my room started looking more like, well, my room. Nothing like copies of artistic masterpieces and Nelson's cartoon visage to make one feel at home. I have a desk now: it's a lovely second-hand thing with broken knobs and a waterstained top, but I absolutely adore it. I swore years ago never to own furniture until I was settled, but now I have this desk. Which I love. I am going to have to be very upset if I have to leave it behind. "What I want most of to know what I want..."


Chris said...

Glad to hear ta=hat your feeling well again. Not too much to report from this end though.

premiere girl said...

Now that you have a desk, it is official:It is time for Nelson to come alive through your pen and my camera-vision. Come on, lady, give me some quality work to do, I really need it. Glad you're ok.