Wednesday, October 04, 2006

the Green Eyed Monster

I can't even say "ah, the show was crap, so I'm glad that I wasn't involved" because it was amazing! I don't know who I'm more jealous of--Sarah for writing such good stuff, or David for producing an amazing festival of work. I'm violently jealous and depressed and all my jokes about being able to pay the rent met with polite smiles of "well, you do what you have to do." Grrr. I must get back into this business we call show. I've been writing on my new play--broad strokes, angry shouting people and a nuclear war--which is quite exciting. As Nelson said, "My disposition cannot bear tame and even measures." Must have drama. And ships. Not necessarily in that order.


Chris said...

Can we have both??

A W Eglinton said...

Hi Nicki,

Good seeing you at the Union the other day.


I wrote this not long ago:

'Little of what I remember can be explained and little of what I explain will be remembered.'

There is no true competition other than with yourself - competing with what you've done before.

Maintain your focus and trust yourself.

Best wishes,

Andrew E.