Sunday, October 15, 2006

Long weekend

I was feeling blue this weekend, so I went to the National Gallery to draw the pictures. Not because I'm an artist or because I have any ambition to be one, I just like the attention you get. I also got some weird looks when people discovered that I had turned Whistlejacket into a centaur. And I had a good snicker when I passed a pair of American girls on my way out: "Yeah, and the Mona Lisa's in here somewhere!" Yup. Right next to The Last Supper of Christ and the Scream. I'm just not excited to be in this city any more. I'm lonely and I'm bored and I've started thinking that my visa expiring in four months isn't such a bad thing. Of course, if I do come back to the States, there will be no more walking through Hanover Square to pick up my paycheck and giggling manically to myself, drawing stares, because that's where Mr. Norrell used to live. I'm going to put on a play, I've decided, for something to do. Now I just need to pick one. I had bangers and mash for dinner tonight because the TV has been advertising it nonstop. It was pretty good, not bad for my first shot, but I think next time I'm going to cook the sausages in beer. And eat them with potato chips. And pretend they're bratwurst.


Samantha said... brats with kraut and potatoe salad and more beer and cheese curds...

Outside of Wisconsin they just don't understand.

premiere girl said...

Yay for a show!!!!

Peter said...

Hmmm, beer, I had English beer once, it was ok. Sometimes when I get lonely I sleep, and then at least I waste part of the day sleeping, because thats better than being awake. Have fun with your play, and oh yeah, let me know when your coming home next.