Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nicki Buys a Suit

I finally had to buy a suit, so I wandered down to Sears today and found one on sale (woo). I was extra excited because the coat was only a size 18, but the shirt I tried on was a 16/18 which means that I am officially the smallest I've been since I was about, oh, thirteen. I would be more excited, but I'm exhausted because I have been exercising every day for the last week. (not in a compulsive anorexic way. In a "I paid a lot of money for a one-week gym membership and I'm going to feel really guilty if I don't use it" way)

My friend also pointed out to me that I'm walking like a duck, so I finally admitted that my awesome Gola shoes were little better than pieces of construction paper, support-wise. Even if they are trendy and European. I am sad to see them go.


Samantha said...

If we're ever in the same state at the same time for more than a fleeting night I'll tailor a vintage jacket for you ;p

Peter said...

A suit!? I'd love to see that on you. Oh what fun it would be. But seriously, a duck? I wouldn't have said that, I would've said that you don't bend your knees. That's awesome about your weight, if only I had the get up and go that you do. Call me sometime, k? Gotta love the shorthand. LOL, by (is that the short hand version of bye?)