Monday, September 17, 2007

Change Yer Mind

So I've done a 180 and have decided to stay in Chicago, although I am still Planning on applying to Madison and Teach for America. I would like to teach in the future, but in the meantime, I'm a big girl and I should be responsible for my own life.

Anyway. I'm also mad about Facebook, which some of my loyal readers are on. It's a fun diversionary tactic, but I don't understand why people email me on there, then get upset when I don't email them back, EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE MY REAL EMAIL. This hasn't happened recently, but I don't understand why people suddenly start facebooking me even when previously we've conversed via regular email. Possibly because I tend to write a novel every time I sit down at the computer.

Arg. I like my roommates, but this week there is a set of parents living here as well. The TV is on very loud, the kitchen is full of old newspapers and weird Swedish baked goods, and I'm about to join the cats hiding in the closet.


Laura said...

I too seem to write a novel without trying every time I open a message, but I look forward to long messages from you, on facebook or on email.
Staying in Chicago? I think that's a good plan. When can I call you. We must talk.

Laura said...

but I did just create a new group on facebook for Lover's of London. It's probably pretty lame but it could be better if people joined.