Sunday, September 23, 2007

if a person could ever love a person

I went to the Adler Planetarium yesterday with an auld friend from UWSP, which was terrific fun. Usually I try to go to museums alone, since I'm the annoying person who has to read every plaque, but it turns out that so is Peter. It took us a couple hours to get through every thing, and by the end of it my head was spinning. I like science, but I like historical science, the kind where there is an end to the story: "And THEN Galileo looked through his telescope and discovered Jupiter had four moons!" Not, "and THEN Einstein theorized that maybe there were black holes, but where did they go? Who knows? And time? Totally able to be sucked into black holes. Or did I just blow your mind?!!" Science is very cool, but once you move beyond nice safe textbooks and into the realm of quantum mechanics, my mind slowly starts to shut down. But, I definitely recommend the Planetarium, there are lots of great hands-on exhibits and a TON of information, all packaged in a lovely historical building.

So I have a busy week coming up. Tomorrow I have to clean my room--you may think this is not such a big deal, but then again you haven't seen my room. also, I haven't seen my floor for a week. Tuesday and Wednesday I am working (just a part-time thing, heleas, but it's something at least) and studying for the GRE, a graduate school test I have to take for when I apply for my PhD thingy. Then Thursday I'm going to Madison to meet with the theatre department there, which is quite nerve-racking. I hope it goes well, but I have no idea how to prepare for it other than to get my stuff figured out. And then working next week and and studying and at some point I'm going to find out if I made it to the next step of Teach for America.

In the meantime, I've got to check every five minutes to see if the new Sweeney Todd movie has a trailer yet and eventually get around to emailing you.

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Laura said...

I will light a candle for you on Thursday, honey!
Crossing my fingers for you and Teach For America