Wednesday, September 05, 2007

another "S" movie you may have heard of....

Meanwhile, new pics from Sweeney Todd have surfaced on imdb. Am liking the poster, less enthusiastic about the shot of Mr. Depp & Ms. Bonham-Carter. It looks very, uh, Burton-ish, like they're reusing the attick from Edward Scissorhands. Also--what period is that dress supposed to be from? Still reserving judgement until I see the film, but these photos do nothing to relieve my worries.

The good news is that the film is going to be released on December 21st--happy birthday ME! I hereby declare my intentions to have a birthday party, complete with blood-red cake, the feature of which will be seeing this film. And you're all invited! Costumes optional, but be sure to wear something red around your neck. More details later--but be sure to "attend!" haha!

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Samantha said...

FYI Sweeney is donning the traditional Victorian English day formal wear sans cutaway jacket. I'll take a peek at some of the other shots. But it is a movie...LET THE MAN TAKE SOME ARTISTIC LIBERTIES!