Tuesday, August 14, 2007

no one sees what yr doin' thar

I want you all to imagine a pack of cats with their faces pressed against a window paying VERY close attention as the fishmonger walks by.

That's the attitude I've had ever since I heard Karl Rove was resigning from the Bush administration. Handing in his crown, so to speak. I've always been dimly aware that Karl Rove was evil, but lately I've been reading the career-spanning articles, and I'm slightly shocked at how methodical and overarching this man's agenda has been. Nothing less than the overthrow of two-party government? I am horrified--as you know, not the biggest fan of the current administration, but a big fan of American Democracy in general--had the man succeeded, I may have had to wage guerrilla warfare. Thank God for the Iraq War. No--wait--I mean, thank God the righteous right shot themselves in the foot. Of course, it may still come to republican (republican meaning French Revolution) fighting in the streets. Curse the American practicality of eliminating cobblestones! We will have to throw SUVs at them!

What was I saying? Oh--right--so, the evil mastermind is leaving his post, and I am happy, but still impatiently waiting for the day when Nancy Pelosi will rise, Marianne-like (what is it with me and La Revolution today?!) and lead us against the Reign of Terror. (I guess that would make Bush Robespierre. Robespierre shot himself in the face, fyi. Lived to be guillotined, but still.) Democrats of the World! We put you in office for a reason! Knock off this partisan shit and get some stuff accomplished! You have been put on notice.

Karl Rove is Evil here and here.

In other news--Zac Efron, recent love of my life and star of "Hairspray" apparently has a torrid past. Before acting brilliantly in a John Waters-inspired movie adaptation of a hit Broadway show, he was in (wait for it) HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL which I refuse to see on the basis of a) it's a craptacular Disney made for TV movie for God's sake, and b) if your kids are old enough to want to watch musicals, they are old enough for West Side Story. I am torn, however. I want more of Zac Efron singing and dancing (and may I just point out he is eighteen, thankyouverymuch), but the only place I'm going to get it is in--you guessed it--crappy HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. DAR.

In other news, I think I'm almost over the hangover I picked up somewhere between midnight and four AM Saturday night at my brother's wedding reception. Damn. I did manage to stay on the dance floor as long as my younger cousins, but probably only because I couldn't really feel my legs at that point. Damn. Congrats, bro. I'm so glad you're only getting married once, because I have no more brain cells to spare.

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Laura said...

I always thought it was interesting that in the first episode of the west wing someone in Karl Rove's posistion "deputy chief of staff" almoste gets fired for sayin ONE offensive thing, and here this man has BROKEN THE LAW and he still gets to resign. Have you seen the documentary on him Bush's Brain? I personally enjoyed how he was portrayed on a recent episode of American Dad and by recent I mean one that I've seen.

As far as protesting the war goes, you should check this our for me because I can't do it . You probably can't boycott working that day because you're a responsible adult now, but you could not buy anything in an act of protest.