Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I say...

"when people ask me what I'm bringing to a party, I say, 'I'm bringing the AWESOME!'"

I had a great weekend this week, despite the fact I got stood up on Friday and spent most of Saturday catching up on my sleep. (Two unrelated events.) I re-read Harry Potter 7--the review is coming, so y'all better hurry up and finish--and I went to see the Simpsons movie on Sunday. I thought it was great, especially all the little side jokes to the fans of the show. Truly, the show but in a longer format--but hey, what's wrong with that? I also loved the character of Colin. Because we all know if you are a musical Irish kid who's into saving the planet, odds are on that your father is Bono.

But the best part about this cinema is that its right next to the bookstore that is the Muggle-bookstore-equivalent of Ollivander's wand shop. Think books stacked on each other to create shelves which are stacked with more books, hung with masks, posters, busts of George Washington, McDonald's toys, prints of WWII sailors, commemorative statuettes of Liberty...it's a maze AND a firetrap and I love it. This time I found a book called "Memoirs of Emma, Lady Hamilton, The Friend of Lord Nelson, and the Court of Naples," which was written in 1910, and based largely on her own letters. From this book I have learned two things: 1, Emma could not spell to save her life. 2, in 1910 the world was STILL not ready to deal with Emma's sexual climbing. Whereas I once attended a workshop entitled "Sex in Nelson's London" this book neatly skates over ANYTHING that might hint at flaring ankles or laviscious dropped handkerchiefs. It's a bit like watching "Pride and Predjudice" and turning your moral meter down so that you're completely scandalized when Lydia walks out in her bloomers.

ANYWAY, the whole point of that last paragraph is just to say that the thing that is driving me crazy is the print on the front of the book, which is an engraving of "Admiral Nelson Dancing With Lady Hamilton at the English Embassy, Naples" by H.G. Glindoni. I think to myself "I would like this on my desktop--it will make a nice change from "The Fighting Temeraire is tugged to her last Berth to be Broken Up" by Turner. But when I go online, I cannot find it ANYWHERE! ANYWHERE, I tell you! Even the artist is shrouded in mystery, Wikipedia being staggeringly ignorant about him. Now I'm picqed. I want to know where this painting is and, more importantly, how I can get my hands on a copy, because it's a nice picture. Inoffensively historical, appropriate for bathrooms and your better sort of B&B. I will have it.

In the meantime, something by Glindoni for all you fan fans out there:

and, for all you flan fans:

Meanwhile, I'm off to the library.


The Hipster King said...

Way close with a Happy Ending. I love flan!

Samantha said...

Would you, perchance, be interesting in showcasing your little muggle treasure of a bookstore when your fellow harpie is in the area? Not that I'll have room to pack any books.

Bil said...

Wow. I hate flan, but I LOVE that photograph. Decadence you can scoop with a tiny spoon. Can't beat it.

The Hipster King said...

I too would like to get the reference to said bookstore...maybe they would be happy to sell a couple copies of "Antietam" or at the very least, misplace them in the civil war section.

Regarding flan, there is a great quote about it in "Wag the Dog," spoken by William H. Macy:

"I know two things to be true: There is no difference between good flan or bad flan, and there is no war in Albania."

And yes, that picture is pure decadence.

Laura said...

That's some nice flan!

The Hipster King said...

Re: the Simpsons Movie: Just took my five year old to see this film. Indeed a longer version of the tv show, but a lot of good themes: redemption, love of family, overzealous government, the ability of lovers to overlook their loved one's fatal flaws...can't say I wasn't touched. Only criticism: not enough C. Montgomery Burns (Yale '12)!

D. said...

Oooh! Which bookstore is this that you mention? I *heart* bookstores.... :)