Wednesday, August 01, 2007

43%...and gaining

I just read in the latest opinion poll that Senator Clinton is ahead of Senator Obama for the Democratic National Party's nomination for 2008, 43% to 22%. Part of me is sad that the Chosen Candidate is behind, but then again, I don't feel like I'm losing, because if she wins, we get a woman in the White House! Whoo! And Obama can try again in eight years. Or--better yet, esteemed Senator from New York, how about picking Obama as your running mate? You're complaining about Obama's lack of experience, well what better way to get him experienced up than by making him VP?

I was seriously considering buying an Obama T-shirt the other day (they have ones priced at $20.08--cuuuuute), but the website makes clear that this is a campaign donation, and I just don't know if I'm ready for that kind of a commitment yet. What I really need is a T-shirt that says "Obama For President! (but Hilary's OK too!)" Because seriously, at this point, it's like having M&Ms on your ice-cream sundae because they're out of crushed Oreos.

OMG I TOTALLY DID NOT MEAN IT LIKE THAT. hahahahaha.... I mean....uh, oops. :)Oh my God, I am going to hell.

Meanwhile, in other news, the Sunni faction of the Iraqi Cabinet, about six ministers in all, have resigned due to the fact that the Iraqi President Nouri al-Maliki, has not met the goals established by their political party. I don't understand how resigning from the government is going to help you establish your goals any better, unless you're planning on setting up your own governing body in, say a Sunni stronghold and then seceding from the Union, but at first read this kind of felt like the Sunnis got sand kicked on them and were now taking their ball and going home. I hope I'm not coming across as impatient and derisive, but in my opinion I would want to stick around, if for no other reason than to see what's going down. I'm fairly certain that eventually Iraq is going to end up being several smaller countries, but at this point the US is holding the country together at gunpoint, so it is probably best to stay close to where the action is. (lest you think I'm being insensitive, read a better article about Iraq bipartisan ship here.)

No noose is good noose, as Mel Brooks once said, but I also hear tell that the President W and Secretary of War-oops-I-mean-State Rice are planning on selling weapons to certain states in the Middle East to help them combat terrorists. Among the states listed are Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and (potentially) Pakistan. I'm sure when this idea was starting to make the rounds someone brought up that one time we sold arms to Afghanistan and Iraq, possibly with the comment that surely things will certainly go better this time. Arg.


Laura said...

(shakes head silently giving a shaming look)

Are planning to? We're already giving weapons to former insurgents IN Iraq right now! I think the plan goes something like this - Stop shooting at us, and i'll give you a bigger gun to go shoot at other people. But you have to promise not to shoot at us anymore.

The Hipster King said...

Barack Obama has more experience working in the federal government for the past 3 years than President Bush had before he was inaugurated in 2001. Whether it is Obama, Hagel, Bloomberg, we need a president who will run with a unifying message and who will not use the old scare tactic of the past 8 years: "support me or the terrorists will kill you." It assumes that Americans are cowards. Whatever happened to "All we have to fear is fear itself?"