Thursday, August 02, 2007

"and if they try and stop us, Seaweed, I'll call the en-double-ay-see-pee"

I am not a football fan, but I am a dog fan, so I've been following this Michael Vick case with some interest. One of the interesting aspects of the case is how the animal rights community has made Vick their new posterboy. Most animal rights activists are white, by the way. So when you see a picture of Vick entering courtrooms, you see a large group of white protesters waving signs at him, and opposing them are champions of justice...who are largely black people asking for the right for a black person to receive a fair trial in this country. And yesterday I read an opinion article where the author was fuming about how the NAACP is "protecting" Michael Vick , the dog-abusing murderous scum. They were angry that a group would close ranks merely because of the colour of a person's skin.

Gentle readers, personal opinions aside, Michael Vick is innocent until proven guilty. THAT'S what the NAACP is protecting--the right for someone to be judged in a courtroom, not on the streets outside by a pack of wild animal rights activists. I'm not fighting for Vick's right to abuse dogs, but I am fighting for his right to a fair trial. Regardless of skin colour.


The Hipster King said...

Well, said!


I have no personal problem with animal rights, but there is a strange self-loathing when the activist becomes almost a hater of his or her own specie of animal. And then, ironically, loses his or her humanity in public expressions of rage.

Laura said...

It's a true and interesting observation that most animal rights activists are white, and sad that they would complain that people close ranks around issues of skin color while they extend thier sympathies and activism across special lines. I'm no fan of hurting dogs, and I do think the animals we share the world with deserve more repect than they're given, but some animal rights activists seem to think animals deserve the same rights as people - but to reach that day first all people have to have equal rights.