Friday, March 09, 2007


I offered to come into the theatre today to help out with auditions for another show, only to discover that we have water coming through the roof--not a great deal, but it's enough to have to put down a couple buckets to catch the drips. Not exactly the sort of professional image the theatre wants to present to potential actors. Another reason I came in was because the general manager shamelessly played on my internet addiction and said I could use the computer--the connection at home is prone to crashing my computer. I am going to send out another batch of resumes this afternoon, as soon as I get the theatre lights on(and put down cloths to protect our lovely cream carpet. The more I think about going out to California, the more I don't want to. I've already been away from home and family for so long that to take another nine months suddenly seems really difficult. I want to start my own company, and that's not going to happen if I keep skipping off to foreign places and working for other people. I do, however, want to keep working in a theatre, even if I'm applying for grants and looking for directors, so I'm trying to get hooked up with a company in the Midwest for a few months. Or not. Maybe I'll just go back to temping and become middle class. That would be nice too. :)

Not much else going on: I'm going to visit Apsley House tomorrow, where the Duke of Wellington lived. Not because I care about Wellington (wanker) but because he stole a lot of Napoleon's things which is what I'd like to see. Interesting note about Wellington: one of the stage managers at the theatre told me that her great-great-however many greats-grandfather was actually an illegitimate child of the Duke. I don't think she appreciated it when my first impulse was "sorry" though. And speaking of dukes--or rather, not--the House of Lords has voted to make the House of Lords an almost entirely voted in governing body. Which is somewhat unprecedented--it would be like the Senate voting to give themselves a pay cut. I don't know much about the House of Lords other than they like fox hunting and when you get a title you have to make a speech, and that Laurence Olivier did a damnfine job of it in "That Hamilton Woman." (I would quote here, but my DVD is somewhere on a boat right now....jealous....)

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