Wednesday, March 07, 2007

bits and pieces...

I mentioned to Deb how my suitcase has more room in it than I thought, after I gave her half of my wardrobe, and she promptly gave me four shirts and a hat. Check out those collarbones—Kate Moss, eat your heart out! Or not, since you are a supermodel.

Don’t hold out too much hope for me but…I did spend an hour writing today. Shock! The first time in months. Any good? Who cares?! Afterward I went to the Inland Revenue today to fill out a tax form for getting back my income tax since I am not a British Citizen. The Inland Revenue office is located in big building called Bush House, and is right across the street from Somerset House, where Nelson used to pick up his paycheck. Then I stopped in at the place where I used to temp to say hello to everyone and drop off some flyers for the show. It was so lovely to see everyone—and to have people come flying down the hall, fling their arms around me and go “oh, we really miss you!” instead of what happened when I got to the theatre: “Nicole, you don’t really have to wash out my costume, it’s fine.” “No, it needed washing.” “No, really, don’t.” “No, I insist.” “Oh, well…okay. Thanks.” You’re welcome.

Randomest moment of the day was this exchange I overheard at Earls’ Court:

Woman 1: “…so, I don’t know, it just seems like a lot of work, you know, like a lot of studying and reading and stuff like that.”
Woman 2: “Yeah, so I guess you’ll never marry a Jewish man then.”
Woman 1: “Yeah. I could become a Buddhist though…”

At which point I went scrambling for my journal to make a record. I’m not real up to date on Buddhism, but I’m pretty sure they read books too. I’m sad that my journal is almost full—full to the point of I have to buy a new one tomorrow. This one goes from June of last year until now and is so full of odds and ends, stories, ticket stubs and pictures of Nelson that it’s practically a work of art. I will be sorry to lock it away with all the others but, well, all good things must come to an end.

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Sarah said...

I like your hat! Soon they'll make a movie about you with all the journals you keep...."Memoirs of Nicole Lemery" can't wait to see it :)