Monday, March 05, 2007

"because you idiot, it's dull, it'll hurt more!"

I can’t tell you his name, but I will say that we had a famous actor in the audience yesterday. Don't want to name drop and be unprofessional. No siree. Although, if "Colonel Brandon" means anything to you, you know who I'm talking about. Anna knows him and had been promising he would come in--getting all nervous in the process. I had a plethora of interesting things lined up to talk about: his recent play at the Royal Court (or “the Court” as my friend Sarah once referred to it and has yet to live down), how he liked our play, etc. And then how does Anna go and introduce me? “This is Nicole! She loves Harry Potter! She has a Harry Potter tattoo!” and off she goes to mingle, leaving him rolling his eyes at me and probably thinking I’m some kind of rabid fangirl. No, actually, he was quite nice—taller in real life—but he made some disparaging remarks about the set which made me think he likes his own opinion quite a lot. Anna told me later that he had majored in stage design before becoming an actor. I wish I could have been a little more intelligent, but at least I didn’t ask him for his autograph—unlike the waitress at the restaurant where they went that night—as I was also rushing off to a party and was worried about missing my friends. I did, however, squeeze his arm on my way out the door and trill “Looking forward to Sweeney Todd!” I’m such a dork.

Today is Monday! Glorious Monday. I was going to go to Bath today, until I discovered that train tickets are £50 the day of, and £18 a week in advance, so...I'm going next Monday! Today I went to see "The Science of Sleep" which was B+ good. Gael Garcia Bernal was, of course, fabulous. I think I might cast him as the Neapolital rebel Caracciolo in my Nelson movie. I'm sure he can speak Italian, since he managed French, Spanish AND English in this movie. Apparently he can also breathe underwater, something which doesn't surprise me. And now, since I have a night off, I'm going to actually cook dinner tonight: salmon and rice and spinach. Yes, spinach. Apparently I have a taste for it. Who knew?

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Samantha said...

Lucky lucky duck. Sorry I missed your was an interesting evening. And your salad dressing was waiting for me when I got home...