Thursday, March 15, 2007

To rule them all!

I've been wandering around the city for the past few days, absorbing it, if you will, and my feet are so sore that I can barely stand up now. I've worn out my elegant European sneakers. Alas. Today I went to see "Citizens and Kings" an exhibit of painting in in the time of Revolution and Enlightenment (1760-1830) because that's probably my favourite time period. Period. The show was really interesting, but I was well peeved that the first room was called "Rulers" and yet they hung George Washington's portrait in the next room called "New Statesmen." Granted, he was framed in the doorway, so if you were standing in the right place he APPEARED to be in the Rulers room, and, okay, technically he never "ruled" although he did, infact, rule, but still. Diss! Washington for king!

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