Sunday, May 21, 2006

they just keep on coming

I must like my room this way. No matter how many times I clean or how much I apologise to my roommates, my room always ends up incredibly messy. Except for my desk. I must have that clear so I can set down my 'ffeine fuel and notes. But behind me all is caos and untidyness. "I know where everything is!" is a stereotype--but it's also true. Embrace the caos.

Right now I'm working on my play. I just finished draft number 8. The next one will be the shortened draft I'll be presenting in three weeks, and then the next next one will be number 10. I haven't revised this much in my life. I think it's going well. I named all my characters--there's about thirty-five of them, but you can double it up for six actors.

It is another lazy Sunday afternoon. I'm wearing my yoga clothes. The window is open and it's pelting down rain. We desperately need it here, so I don't mind so much, but I wish it weren't so cold. Makes it hard to type. After I finish here I suppose I'll tidy a bit, then read and maybe watch a movie. Next week is going to be exciting, we're starting rehearsals for the scratch performance on June 9&10. But tonight I have a pizza in the fridge and about half a dozen half-finished books, so I'm staying in.

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Chris said...

Have fun with your show and I hear you about the choas. I keep telling myself that the next place I live will be cleaner etc.