Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Shepherding Visitors

I know most of my loyal readers are family, so you'll read with relief that KT and co arrived safely last night (albeit about 12 hours after they were scheduled to land) and after a few mixups at the airport, I found them and got them all into the city, and into bed. Alas! There was no time to go around London, so they mostly saw train stations (which, while being historical, are far less interesting than, say, statues of 19th century admirals). We did all go out for breakfast this morning, to which I invited actual British persons...did not plan on actual British hangovers, but then again it is the end of term, so what did I expect. I hope that, tired as everyone was, they enjoyed the brief stopover in the best city in the world (yes, London and I are back in love again).

I managed to not read the work for tomorrow yet, so this will have to be short, but I just have to mention that I think I'm going to set my landmark production of Sweeney Todd circa 1800 because that way I can have my Sweeney and breeches too.

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