Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Putting the muse to bed

The only bad thing about using coffee to jump start the muse is that when you're happy with your ten pages and you're ready to turn in, he's still bouncing around the room going "yeah, and then, what if you had a, uh, a MACHINE GUN on stage and you could, ah, symbolise..." and I'm putting my PJ's on. It's like trying to put a three-year old down for a nap.

I went in to school to help out a classmate with a project for a couple hours, then when I got home I did laundry. I wrote in my journal "doing laundry is so stressful and time consuming because you have to lug it over to the other building then babysit the dryers...but I probably wouldn't be complaining if my other option was a washtub and mangle." sigh. I guess it's all relative. Yesterday after St. Pauls I went shopping because I just needed some new clothes. Yes, needed, not wanted, for once. I have very few short-sleeved shirts or summery clothes in general, so I went on an absolute spree and bought four new shirts, a pair of jean culottes, a skirt, tank top and a vest. Which, when combined in the right order give me the "merchant seaman" look I've been craving. I'm working my way up through the ranks. Now if I could just find a blue coat with gold piping in my size...

Of course, all the summer clothes shopping was for NAUGHT because today was freezing cold, windy, rainy, hail-y and generally miserable. I was looking forward to making BLTs for dinner, but then on the way home I changed my mind and had stew. As in middle of winter, hot belly filling stew. And I'm wearing my sweater which hasn't been out of my closet since January. Now if only I had someone to keep me warm in bed. Alas. Unfortunately most historical dead white guys are not very good in that department.


Chris said...

I love your description of the muse. I wish mine worked like that ( or worked when I wanted it too). I hear you on the cold weather. This past weekend it almost snowed. It rained which really sucked since we just hang out in the parking lot and then figure what to do from there. But the sun came back and the parking lot has got peopel in it

Laura said...

Dead white guys not good in bed - except for Alexander, but I'm not entirely sure he was white. Greek/Macedonians may look white but I"m pretty sure he pre-dated whiteness.

I'm sure I didn't tell you that after I hauled my laundry to campus (much more convienent than the only laundromatt in Moorhead 14 blocks away from me) I realized after an hour the dryers are broken - no heat. SO I basically paid a dollar for my clothes to go for a little ride.Not only that, but they seemed perfectly reasonably dry when I put them away Friday night,only when I took some clothes out of the dresser on Friday they were damp and mouldy smelling! Sigh. YOu can't win.

Did I mention how much I walked on MOnday and how sore I am now?