Friday, May 19, 2006

God bless Louis Black

From the Daily Show:

"We can only hope that when Fred Phelps dies and goes to heaven, St. Peter looks like this:"


Laura said...

I saw this last night! I couldn't believe anyone would even try and interview Fred Phelps, especially since he's gone even further off his nut with this whole- U.S. tolerance of Homosexuality is the reason our soldiers are dying in Iraq thing.

I also thought Jon Stewart was very tactful and diplomatic in the interview with the guy who wrote the book the Party of Death. He made a really good point about Bush's statement in opposition to stem cell research "it is not worth sacrifing an innocent life, to save a life," is the exact justifcation for the Iraq war - in war it is worth sacrificing and innocent life to save a life?
Basically, War is Not Pro Life!

Nicki said...

You saw this??? Were you awakened last night by me SCREAMING with laughter when I watched it this morning?!?!?! I mean, damn, of all the pictures of all the people they could have chosen!!!! Jon Stewart, marry me!!!