Wednesday, May 24, 2006



Theatre 7:84 is an independent theatre company based out of Scotland who aim to do political and engaging theatre with new writing that is culturally relevant. In March, the ArtsCouncil announced they were cutting the funding for this theatre because it was too "audience based." As an audience member, I am upset by this--not all theatre is introspectively performer based. SOMEONE has to sit in the house and watch, after all. Anyway, 7:84 is protesting this decision, and YOU, my loyal readers, can join the fight by signing an e-petition. Learn more about the theatre, then sign, sign, sign. We need more theatres like this!!!

I know that most of you have not heard of this theatre and are probably thinking why you should bother. But think how you would feel if you were in this position: your theatre company has been in operation for 30-odd years, and then all of a sudden the money rug is yanked out from underneath you. Theatre folk need to stick together, much like the farmer and the cowman, so let's all be friends and work to put a stop to The Man cutting our funding.

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