Saturday, September 06, 2008

that's it?

Supply List for Hanna:

1. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (deluxe 2 disc edition DVD)
2. 1 pkg chocolate chip cookies
3. 1 case bottled water

I got home to find my roommate had already bought candles--"just in case!" so there wasn't much we needed. I had peanut butter and bread, so if the power went out, we could sit around eating PBJ sandwiches. Thought briefly about buying a little smokey joe grill, but then realised that I just wanted to buy one, I probably didn't need one in case of hurricane. And it turns out my precautions were pretty much in vain. The "hurricane" was a tropical storm by the time it got here--barely that even--and the wind and the rain didn't get any more exciting than it does during a run of the mill storm. We didn't even have any thunder or lightning. Yawn. The only time I got really wet was when I got up at six-thirty to take Kizzy for his first walk. Our mid-morning walk was totally dry, and by the time we went for our evening walk, the sun was out. I'm a little disappointed there wasn't more excitement, but I remember how hellish it was to be without power and water for three days in a dorm in London, so I guess I should count my blessings.

Of course it was pretty miz all afternoon, so I stayed in and watched Sweeney and then Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and worked on the new draperies for our living's such a dark room, and the curtains that are currently hanging there are a heavy, ugly red fake-brocade, so I bought some light peach fake silk--they'll let in more light and brighten things up purely by their colour. I'm so domestic.

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