Monday, September 15, 2008

sick day

I called in sick today, even though I'm not actually sick. Well, at least not in any quantifiable manner, ie, coughing, cramps, tummy upset, but I know there's something wrong with me, so I'm not lying. Exactly. Still, this is the first time I've called in sick when I haven't been at death's door, so I feel slightly guilty. Enough to keep me inside and docile when other people might be tempted to go frolicking at the mall or something.

Last week was slightly crazy. My schedule is getting fuller--and now I have a dog to take care of. So the scheduling craziness is due to the challenge of not only how I'm going to get myself around, but how I'm going to make sure that Kizzy is fed, walked and watered. Meanwhile, I've got to practise my story for the evening programs so I can get cleared to perform, concentrate during the militia review because they changed the order of things and in the middle of all this, I had a guest last weekend.

Over Memorial Day last May I went to visit Alison in Schenectady (fun to say, hard to spell) and this weekend she returned the favor. We didn't really do much of anything, mostly bumming around Wmsbrg and Yorktown, although we did hit the President's Park, a slightly lame tourist trap that features (wait for it) giant concrete heads of all the presidents of America. Also some presidential memorabilia that was, sadly, on loan to the DNC and RNC and therefore not on display. Next to each head was a sign listing important facts, achievements and quotes, although Dubya's quote board was sadly lacking in some of his more colourful manglings. I did finally get to release some pent-up frustration by pressing ham against our current president though. Aaargh.

Then last night we made our own sushi out of a kit and watched TV. Alison brought me some squash from London, so I was drinking apple and black currant-y bliss all weekend, and I've also got some Bisto granules too, so hopefully I'll be able to do a Sunday roast soon. huzzah. Overall, it was a pretty relaxing weekend, but I'm still tired from last week. I think it's the turn in the weather. Cooler, then hot and stuffy, and now today, cool again.

But I'm not missing much. After begging my supervisor for weeks, I'm getting to build one of the shiny, shiny fife & drum coats, and it's not due for another nine days. And I rented a car for the weekend, so before I dropped it off today, I stopped by the place and had an x-ray taken. Thirty minutes of driving around getting lost for two minutes under an x-ray machine and "we'll have the results over there this afternoon!" It's okay. It took me over a month to get here...there's no rush. Now I'm back home catching up on emails after a long satisfying nap, ignoring the reproachful looks from my beagle, who's wondering why exactly we haven't gone for an hour long walk yet. No one can reproach quite like a beagle with eyeliner. Sorry pooch. Gotta let everyone know I'm still alive--even if I am taking a sick day.


Diane Fields said...

if you still need to find a home for your beagle i can ask Matt-he is a dog person and may know someone that wants one. He works for a doggie daycare and is a dog person.


Samantha said...

Don't feel too bad. There seems to be a general lull in blogging all around...

Who knew time would fly so fast?