Sunday, July 13, 2008

A: "The Colour of French Blood"

Q: "So, what color are you looking for, anyway?"

Other Nicole asked me that as we innocently wandered into Hancock Fabrics five minutes before they closed. I was determined to find a sheerish fabric to hang over the uglay lighting fixture in my bathroom. I want to decorate my bathroom in a Nile theme, as in "Battle of the" so in addition to Egyptian-inspired fabrics and paintings (and a crocodile in the bathtub), there will also be pictures of 'splody battleships. I only wish I could paint the walls. Sigh.

Nicole and I went to see Wall-E today, which was pretty good. I have to admit I was quite engrossed, although not for the reason the filmmakers wanted. Spoiler alert! Within the first couple minutes of the movie you realise that Wall-E is alone on Earth, which is covered with garbage and junk from the wasteful human beings who are...where? Ah, well, I won't give that part away, but let's just say it definitely hit home, especially coming hot on the heels of my successful dumpster expedition. The amount of stuff we throw away every year is staggering. I'm as bad as most people, but I'm trying to mend my ways.

More spoilers! The movie was focussed a lot on the robots, of course, so it was easy to overlook the plight of the humans. When they did appear, their cheerfulness and determination to start over was laudable, but it was hard to believe they were actually going to survive, because we in the audience had SEEN what awaited them. I was glad that the robots of the future were so durable, because I honestly do not give the humans of this movie much of a chance. Also, one of the "themes" running through the movie was a song from "Hello, Dolly!" Slightly incongruous, especially when Wall-E starts watching the same part of the video over and over...Michael Crawford dancing around in tighty-pants was extra weird when superimposed on a backdrop of total desolation. I guess "Sweeney Todd" would have been too obvious...

The other bit of Wall-E I enjoyed was the credits, which moved through different styles of paintings, starting with cave-drawings, then Egyptian hiroglyphics, etc, until a Turner-inspired page scrolled past. Very cool, Pixar.

In other news, I'm not feeling well. I don't know what's wrong with me. I have a pain all over my right side that comes and goes and moves around, and a sore throat and sometimes my balance feels a little off, which could explain all the needle pricks last Friday. Or maybe I'm just tired. Today was my first day off in a couple weeks--literally, the first day I had nothing on the schedule. Tomorrow I'm going to make a doctor's appointment, since my insurance kicked in, huzzah, finally, but I wish I could perk up a little bit.

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ColeV said...

Hey! It's "other Nicole". I'll poke you here about the journal of 18th century sewing instructions. I took your advice and added in an assembly section. Come look! Maybe you could add that fringe to a shift, yes?