Wednesday, July 30, 2008

seven at one blow

Good news everyone! The giant waiting game has paid off. I've been promoted at work. I didn't want to talk about it too much, in case it didn't happen, but it did. Yay, me. From now on I'll be working as a tailor, so I'll actually be constructing clothes instead of merely repairing them. I'll be starting out on the men's team...yup, that means breechy goodness by the yard.

I applied for this job nearly a month ago. My boss asked me to apply, but I had to go through the entire application process again. I didn't realise how stressful it was--probably because the first time I did it I was still working in Chicago--but this time, waiting to hear back about my sewing test was slightly agonising. And I had to go to a job interview this morning. A proper interview, with questions and darting glances at my resume. I even dressed up--and I must say, it's harder to pull together a "business casual" outfit that it once was. Not only did I misplace my bronze lipgloss somewhere, but my H&M jacket has finally reached the point of "take in or toss."

But never mind that. It's a relief to know that I'll be making slightly more money--not to mention learning some valuable skillz about how to actually take a pile of fabric and turn it into a garment.

Huzzah. And now. Bed.


Laura said...

Congrats honey! More money for you to save to come and visit me! You should do what I do. With every pay check take out what you need to spend on bills and then take out three fifty to live on for the month (or in dollars 148). Don't feel bad though because I rarely ever succeed in saving any money.

I laughed when you said Business Casual because I pictured you going in for your interview in Period Dress. That would be funny~

Congrats a million, love.

Diane Fields said...

Congrats Nicole-from Diane at the Toymaker.