Saturday, July 26, 2008

Slow News Day

Yet another reason why you should vote for Barack Obama: the rest of the world loves him. Including the French. And the Israelis.

I saw a t-shirt a few months ago that said "This Time, I Want a Smart President" which is true. I also want a president I don't have to apologise for or explain away when I travel abroad. A president who will, in turn, make Americans not appear to be imperialistic, oil-hungry hogs, so that when I introduce myself as "le American" I don't get that momentary sniff of "Oh. Huh." Even though 90% of Americans who manage to make it out of the country are open-minded thinkers, we still have to deal with the image of Fearless Leader.

This time I want a smart president AND someone who I am proud to have represent the face of our nation.

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