Thursday, July 03, 2008

Breeches: Not as Sexy As I'd Hoped

I can't believe that it's Thursday already. This week has flown by and there are so many things I want to tell everyone about! Like militia training--I didn't make anyone cry this week, but I did get into some more photo albums. March, march, march down the street, wheel about and boom: a dozen tourists interestedly watching me put through my paces. honestly, doesn't anyone have anything better to do?! I'm only shooting a black-powder Brown Bess!

Meanwhile: We had fire alarm yesterday, and all I could think about as we watched the firetrucks pull up was "I wish I'd grabbed Captain Cooke's coat!"

Meanwhile: My bed was delivered today. YAY! When I first started fantasising about a bed, I thought "I want my bed to be so new that the last person who touched it was some burly hard-hat wearing foreman named Dick at the factory." And today my bed came and it was so new I got to rip the plastic off! YAY! Finally, I get to be the first and only body in a bed!

Meanwhile: Tomorrow is the Fourth. I'll be working "security" which basically means I'll be standing around the barricades explaining where the toilets are and why people can't go on the green. ("Because there are cannon out there. And while they are not loaded with shot, they are still very 'splody. Please stand back.") I had gotten a set of girl clothes to wear in the evening, but I also managed to score a set of boy clothes to wear during the day. What can I say, it helps to know people in the CDC. So yes, dear readers, Nicki has finally finagled her way into a pair of breeches.

And I have to say...they are not quite as sexy as I'd hoped. Perhaps it's the bubble-butt effect, or the fact that a fall-front was, er, not designed for the female shape. They are damme comfortable, but you have to be absolutely okay with your body shape because they leave nothing to the imagination.

I'll try to post some pictures soon and update a little more cognitively next time...I'm not doing anything tonight and the pizza should be here in ten minutes. The shock of free time is overwhelming. Just enough time to practise putting my stock on.

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