Sunday, March 02, 2008

those sexy founding fathers

I had hoped that Patriot Hearts would have more bodice ripping and less diplomatic tea-drinking, but since it's a book about the wives of the Founding Fathers, it's mostly tea drinking. Although there is one rather good passage describing Thomas Jefferson ascending a staircase with his hair "unqueued." Rrraow.

Which got me thinking that this painting of Thos. Jefferson should play the Man With the Thistle Down Hair, should they ever get around to making Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell: The Movie:

Also, I found out yesterday that apparently February 29th is the only day when women are allowed to propose to men--one day too late. Which means I have to wait another four years before I can propose to Barack Obama, by which point he'll be president and no doubt will have a better offer. Possibly to play Stephen in Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell: The Movie:

You have to imagine the silver crown. Easy, innit?

(for the record, I found the above photo by googling "barak obama hot." Not something I'm proud of.)

Now that I look at it, I like the symmetry of Jefferson and Obama in one blog post. USA! USA! USA!

Anyway, so Mom and I watched "Extreme Home Makeover" tonight, and they were remodeling a house in Virginia. So the show started with Ty Pennington wandering around Monticello (why? Who knows?) before bringing a soldier home from Iraq so he could go to Disneyworld with his family while their house was demolished. Which prompted me to say "Just who does Ty Pennington KNOW that he can call up and get some dude home from Iraq?!" I mean--damn, we've been trying to get the troops home now for YEARS, but with one phone call, Ty Pennington achieves the impossible.

I also spent all afternoon cutting fabric for a new dress. Ironically, I'm not taking my sewing machine with me, so I wanted to get this finished before I left. A new summer dress, circa 1810. Too late for CW, but oh well. I also wanted to sew because, errrr...well, because I'm worried I might need the practise. I would really, REALLY hate to show up and have to come right back to Wisconsin again because I don't know how to do stuff. I can shank a button with the best of them, but gathering sleeves? Could use some practise. So we sew...

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Samantha said... said shank.

You'll just fine CW. Most shops are pretty good at integrating.

And why's Strange and Norrell on the brain?