Wednesday, March 12, 2008

once upon a time...

Mom and Dad gave me the greatest gift known to mankind for Christmas. A huge suitcase, capable of holding incredible amounts of stuff, up to and including a Vietnamese family of eight. And a second, smaller suitcase, for when I need to go jaunting on weekend visits around the globe. These two bags, red Samsonite, have accompanied me all over the world.

I thought, however, that our time together had come to an end, as most of the world's major airlines have put positively Puritanical baggage restrictions in place. Happily though, Amtrak still allows you to bring obscene amounts of stuff with you, so I trundled out my boxcar-sized suitcase and began packing...only to discover it won't all fit. That's right kids, Nicki's wardrobe has finally expanded to the point where she won't be able to throw it all into a suitcase and escape.

So I have to figure out what to take and what to leave. Take the tank tops, leave the cannolli. I can't believe I managed a move to a foreign country with these suitcases, but a trip across the country leaves me puzzled. Of course, I wasn't packing an electric kettle, small figurines of Nelson & Napoleon, or an iPod dock then--

--and speaking of the iPod, I finally got around to putting the last two Queen CDs on my computer, only to have Grane promptly erase all the music on Napoleon that I had taken off her earlier. I try to give her more room on the hard drive, and this is how she repays me. ARG. I haven't lost any music, but it's all on my external hard-drive and CDs...and I'm running out of time (and inclination) to put it back on my computer. Train leaves in less than twenty-four hours, and I have to figure out how to shoehorn another pair of shoes into my suitcase.

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Laura said...

Pack for spring and summer and have them send you what you need later. They're your parents they have to help you -especially when you threaten gong naked in the winter time. Those clothes will make it there eventually either by suitcase or cardboard box.