Monday, March 10, 2008

because packing days in advance is for sissies

I just got confirmation that my housing is all set up in CW...I'm going to be living in one of the historical buildins, actually in the historical part of town, and I'm WELL EXCITED. As you might imagine. I'm leaving on Thursday, mah train tickkies have been safely bought. And so, the countdown begins. In the meantime, I decided to watch TV all morning rather than do anything productive. It is so...shiny...

I also went to visit Grandma today. Grandma who, more than anyone, inspires me to be an independent, outspoken, self-reliant female and who is one of the few people I know who is as excited about current politcal events as I am. Which is why I am SADDENED and SCARED that Grandma told me that she is voting for John McCain. AAAARGH. I haven't talked about McCain much on this blog, but my personal feelings is that he is scary. He is like Bush 2.0--or rather, like that scary computer in the Terminator that got all self-aware and went nuclear on people. John McCain-inator becomes aware that he is President and BOOM, nuclear holocaust. Also, he is old. And, I suspect, slightly out of touch with the needs of my generation. He has said that he is against torture, but also that he would continue with the course set by President GW in Iraq and Afghanistan. Which, even IF the surge is working, would mean committing more troops and more war in this area which economists have estimated will cost us $12 BILLION DOLLARS A MONTH next year.

Let me just highlight that again for you: TWELVE BILLION DOLLARS A MONTH.

That's, like, an impossible number. That's like, four times as much for the entire budget of WWII. It's completely incomprehensible that ANY government in it's right mind would spend TWELVE BILLION DOLLARS A MONTH on bombs, guns, grenades, tanks, bullets, and other items of deadly intent rather than investing in things like, oh, schools and bridges. What does that say about the priority of our country?!

And McCain likes this war, even with that price tag. SOOOOO. I'd be open to voting for a Republican, but not one who's willing to spend my taxes, my children's taxes and all their future offspring's taxes to committing war.

The opposite of war isn't peace. It's CREATION.

But there is no money for creation, apparently.

So yeah. I'm sorry to get all political here. Y'all know I like Obama* but honestly--I have no problem with people voting for other people. Whatever. Democracy. Yeah. It's cool. I just want to make sure that everyone who votes is politically AWARE of what they are voting for and go into it eyes open.

Which is why I'm sending some NY Times articles to Grandma. :)

*sometimes...a little too much...

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Laura said...

thank you for pointing out that the projected cost of the war is once again 12 Billion dollars A MONTH. Can you imagine how fabulous our country would be if we spend 12 Billion Dollars A YEAR on I don't know ANYTHING else? We could have Free Taco day for every US Citizen.
I feel it my duty to use this opportunity to point out that the budget for the ENTIRE Peace Corps in 72 countries, Washington DC and all recruitment centers in the USA is the same as 1/6 of a B2 Bomber.