Monday, March 10, 2008

I need more single friends

I begin to understand how the stereotype of the crazy, pushing thirty, ring-hunting, desperate-for-baby singleton came about. After catching up with several attached friends, some of whom are packing baby, and viewing "Becoming Jane" all in the space of four days, I'm feeling a little out of touch. Not desperate for a man OR baby, but just wondering at the fact that somehow, without my noticing, I'm becoming the odd man out in my group of accquaintances instead of the norm. Funny, that.

I also watched "Brokeback Mountain" tonight on my parent's shiny, shiny huge-screen TV, and it left me feeling achy.

I think I need to get to work.

Oh God, now I'm becoming a self-fulfilling stereotype. The only thing that's missing is boxed wine and Alsatians, and thank GOD I have more class than that.


Laura said...

I'll always be there for you, Baby. And remember we'll always have that summer on the mountain. So long ago but so fresh in our memories...and our hearts!

Nicki said...

We have so many the one we climbed that time to herd sheep...or the one we climbed to get rid of the One Ring...or even the mountain that Hogwarts is built many mountains. :)