Friday, November 02, 2007

snorts of laughter

I saw this nickel yesterday when I was cashing out, and I thought "Louisiana Purchase, oh look at the nice French guy and American guy shaking hands, awww." Then I read online that it's actually an American guy and an Indian shaking hands, and that made me laugh a little. "Thanks for coming to have a look at our land before taking it over."

Speaking of history, after I paid my bills this month, I have $63 dollars left in my checking account. Now. Food or splurge?



Laura said...

can't you get SOME food for less than $63.00 and spend the rest on your cat? Oh wait, that's me.

By the way, I was thinking when the pilot of the Enola Gay said we didn't hear enough about the Japanese crimes was he talking just about Pearl Harbor? Because if he was talking about something else my history teachers have failed me. ANd the last time I checked Pearl Harbor was a Military Target. Sure, a military target full or "our boys" that we didn't ever think would get attacked, but a military target nonetheless. Not the same an inaliating two cities filled with civilians. But maybe he's talking about something no one ever bothered to teach me about. Wouldn't surprise me.

Nicki said...

I think he was talking about Pearl Harbor but also about Japan invading China and other parts of Asia. No one knows that Japan was busy being an imperialist force on the other side of the world while Hitler was all up in Poland--an oversight on the part of our history books, maybe, but also another example of our tendency to overlook non-Western cultures.

I also agree that Pearl Harbor was a military target, but it is heartbreaking to think that Josh Hartnett and Ben Affleck could have lived happily ever after if it had never happened.