Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Overlooking John Hancock

We had the first read-through for "1776" last night...everything went very well. The director told me once again how happy he was with everything, and I finally got a chance to see all my handouts printed out. I didn't realise this, but I've produced almost a hundred pages of written work for this show--each character gets a biography (except for John Hancock, who didn't get cut and pasted, mrrr)and a photocopy of some info about their home state. I also got a chance to meet some of the cast. Including, ironically, an old Pointer Alumni, Jon Blyck, who is playing Josiah Bartlett. We kind of eyed each other across the room, and then it was like "hey! I know that person!" So that was nice. The actor playing Rutledge was Harry Houdini from the "Ragtime" I saw this summer, so I spent a good twenty minutes trying to place him: "where do I know that creepy guy from and why do I keep picturing him in chains? OH!" So after he read-through I casually mentioned to him that I enjoyed his performance. He was very polite, and I managed not to embarass myself by telling him he was FAR more handsome than the historic Rutledge was. I think that's my biggest problem: I have WAY too much information for most of these actors. I could probably sit down right now with John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and give them a forty-minute lecture on why they are friends and their different viewpoints on government--with slides--but obviously that's not going to help actors. So now I'm going to concentrate on learning more about specific state history...not that anyone needs it, but just in case they ask. I'm very excited about this show (obviously) and I'm glad to see that everyone else is too. It feels good to be back in rehearsal.

So I have two jobs. One is Lane Bryant and mostly for the clothes, the other is also retail, but it involves Very Rich People, so I don't talk about it much on my blog. Suffice to say that I follow directions, am tidy, timely and basically competent. The manager has taken a shine to me--which is great! Except that I'm working through a temp agency, who has me signed up for part-time hours. I was getting more hours before, but now they've hired a new person who WILL be getting all the extra hours and I will be getting...errr...very few. Add to this my manager (who, as I said, has taken a shine to me, but is unable to influence whether or not I get hired) has decided that I am just the answer to a prayer and that together "we" will whip this shop into shape and get it all organised. Fine. I like responsibility, I like a job well done. But. She has also started complaining openly about one of my coworkers--nevermind the fact that I agree with her, it makes me hugely uncomfortable that she's taking me into her confidence, giving me responsibility and yet she's unable to get the place to hire me full time or at take over my temp contract so I could get some benefits. Yesterday she literally had me backed into a corner complaining about my coworker, the management and voicing her fears that they're going to fire her. She was supposed to leave at three, but she ended up staying until quarter to four because every five minutes she had to turn around and say "And another thing..." Now, I love my boss: she's hardworking, level-headed, not afraid to take charge and she's traveled all over the world (sound familiar?), but I just don't think I can take the "stress" of being her number two without the "benefits" of more "hours."

So I guess I'm going to have to look for another job. As much as I like working part-time so I can have time to write, I'm not able to put any money in the bank and the demands of this job are starting to outweigh the perks. Of which there are many. But when you've had me here for two months, can see what I do, have raved about what I can do and then turn around and hire someone else full-time? Yeah. Sounds like it's time for good-bye and good luck and get out.

Meanwhile, in youtubeland: The Spanish answer to Shrek comes via an animated version of "Don Quixote" called "Donkey Xote." (say it like "donnn-KEYzote." Geddit?) I really want this to be good, because it looks like a funny concept, but...alas, the trailer just has me wishing that Pixar had got there first.


Laura said...

JOHN BLICK IS JOSIAH BARTLETT! LIKE THE GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER OF PRESIDENT JOSIAH BARTLETT! Tell him I said hi and that he does the family proud! Tell him he should watch every epidosde of The West Wing seasons 1 though 6 to learn from his progyny how to act like a statesman! Wow! I'll read the rest of your post now.

Nicki said...

I knew that would get your attention. :) I'll be sure to mention it to him.